Acoustic Panels

The main purpose of acoustic panels is to remove residual sound in any space. When installed correctly in a room, acoustic panels can absorb or diffuse sound from the first point of reflection. Acoustic treatment is used to control the acoustic qualities of a given space, minimizing the effect of unwanted echo and reverb to improve the clarity and quality of the sound produced. This is done using panels placed strategically on the walls and in the corners of the room to absorb or diffuse unwanted sound reflections, making for a cleaner final product. The increased accuracy of the stereo reproduction acoustic treatment provides will also allow for more accurate mixing due to the clarity of the sound.

Light Weight

No drilling require

Variety of colours

Easy DIY

Dual Rebounce absorption

Standard size of 600mm x 600mm and 600mm x 1200mm Or Customizable sizes

*We do provide installation services on ceiling etc.

Acoustic Panels

A range of coloured fabric available

Bass Traps

Absorption of the low end frequencies

Acoustic Diffusers

Spreads frequencies around

Sound Proofing solutions

Music Brio Studio Provides sound proofing solutions for your home, Studio spaces and offices etc.