The best money I've spent for my audio hobby. Used to have an annoying reverb issue in the living room, muddying the sound from the hi-fi. It's well controlled now. Thanks!

Professional guys who answered questions patiently. Installation very well done too. Thank you!

Great experience with James. Knowledgeable and patient guy.

Wonderful assistance from their staff during the purchase, and the quality of the product is just top notch. I will definitely buy from them again and recommend them to anyone looking for acoustic panels and other audio products 🙂

James is knowledgeable and provided good advice and options. Very approachable via chat message and tele-conversation. Items are built and delivered within stated time frame - very reliable. Most importantly, James is able to customise the panels according to one’s requirement. Highly recommended !!!

These guys know their stuff and super nice plus accommodating! The panels are just super and their work professional, neat and they kept everything during installation covered and clean! Definitely recommend very highly!!

My whole band loved the place! James was super helpful and friendly as well!! Superb equipments as well! I would definitely recommend this place to my friends! And we'll definitely will be seeing more of this place! Thank you bro!

Comfortable and cozy place to jam!

Very nice!! I like the jamming room and the Studio Manager James Ke~ Fantastic experience!

Me and my bandmates all agreed that this is the best jamming studio that we've been to so far. Friendly & knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended.

The studio has solid drums and amps with good acoustic treatment. Can hear everything cleanly and clearly without any weird buzzes and feedback that you will find at most other studios. The studio guy was friendly and polite! Highly recommended!

Great equipment, well maintained - Bogner & Mesa for guitars, Ampeg for bass, v. well-turned & maintained Yamaha drums. Good acoustic treatment, studio ambience is not too dry, wet enough for recording. Aircon is good, carpet etc very clean, looks like there's a feature to record jams with a GoPro for free (?) as well - Would definitely recommend for jammers living in the East.