Guide to Enter the Automated Studio

Step 1:

Key in your unique 6-digit passcode onto the keypad

(Passcode will be sent to you via email Inbox/Spam folder)

Step 2:

Proceed straight into the studio once the doors are unlocked

Step 3:

Upon entering the studio, proceed to the wall on your left. You will see a “Keypad” device. 

When you see a flashing orange light, Enter the 6-digit passcode provided once again to activate the studio’s electricity. 

*Please note that passcode can only be entered at the exact time of booking.

Flashing orange lights: Ready to enter passcode

Solid orange lights: Electricity successfully powered up

Step 4:

Rock On with Music Brio Studio!


The electricity will cut off when the time is up. 

Please pack up 10 minutes before the session ends.

Please help to coil the cables and keep the studio clean.